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The Asbestos Register

Asbestos is a frightful substance, and the members of the community need to know every building in the area that contains asbestos. The register is a collection of information that helps people who are looking for homes or business space in the area. The register compiles information from a number of inspections, and the register provides the community with the assurance that they are safe.

The Register

The register lists every address in the community that has been inspected. The register shows if the building tested positive for asbestos, and the register shows if the asbestos was removed. There are many buildings that test positive for asbestos, but the owners or buyers do not spend the money to have the asbestos removed. This means that these buildings could sit for years without any repairs or extraction. 

The Information

The buyer can use the information in the register to decide if they want to invest in the building. The register shows the existence of asbestos in the space, but the register also shows how much asbestos there was. Some buyers may feel that the levels are low enough to warrant investment in the space, but there are other spaces that may be too far gone to fix.

The Community Leaders

Community leaders can use the information in the asbestos register to decide if certain buildings need to be condemned or torn down. The asbestos register will show the date of the last test, the level of asbestos and the build date of the structure. Community leaders could easily decide that a building must be torn so that it does not become a local health risk.

The asbestos register provides more than enough information for buyers, sellers and community leaders. The register keeps the community safe while providing investors with information they need on their next project.